Scaling and Prophylaxis (Cleaning)

Excellent oral hygiene and routine dental cleanings are essential to maintain both healthy teeth and healthy gums. We generally recommend visiting the dentist every 6 months, though that recommendation may change for each patient’s individual needs.

As plaque accumulates on teeth, it causes inflammation of our gums (known as gingivitis). This is a reversible condition and with proper brushing and flossing technique, the inflammation can be easily reversed.

However, if plaque is left unchecked, it can eventually harden into tartar. Tartar is rough and attracts even more plaque onto its surface, causing more gum inflammation. You will need to see your dentist to remove the tartar using specialized tools. This procedure is known as scaling and is the bread and butter of your regular dental visits.

Once that is complete, we can polish your teeth with an abrasive paste to remove any remaining plaque as well as superficial stains. This process is known as prophylaxis and is what gives you that dentist-clean feeling.

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