Implants have become a very popular way to replace a single missing tooth or to enhance the fit of a full arch denture. Implants consist of a fixture which is surgically embedded in the bone and becomes integrated over time. An abutment is then used to connect the fixture in the bone to the final crown that we see in the mouth.

As wonderful of a solution as this sounds, implants also have their downside as well. Because there is no soft tissue attached to the implant like with a natural tooth, they are prone to having deeper pockets around it. This means excellent oral hygiene is an absolute requirement in order to maintain your implant for many years to come. The consequence of poor oral hygiene can be catastrophic, often ending in failed implants that needs to be removed.

In addition, implants will never move once integrated into bone. Natural teeth on the other hand has the freedom to move when we apply different forces to them. Consequently, teeth touching the implant crown will wear over time due to friction and gaps will eventually form. As such, replacement of implant crowns is another factor when considering this treatment option.

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